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Have you ever had a hard time choosing a focus because you're multitalented? All my fellow hustlers, let me know.

Hey bosses, Are you like me with one too many talents and not enough time? Let's get into my work history before we discuss these talents. So, I worked with the same chain retailer for nearly 10 years. I started working as a cashier while in high school. I was also studying to become a Pharmacy Technician. The summer after I graduated high school, I took my PTCB exam and got my certification. Soon after that, I moved up within the same company from cashier to a licensed, Certified Pharmacy Technician. Along the way, covid happened. I also welcomed my firstborn during the same time. My hours were cut due to covid. Then, my daughter also faced some medical challenges that eventually led to me being a stay at home mom.

Thank goodness my hands are blessed. I am now able to put my skills to work to support my living. I have done a little bit of everything so far. Some things were just hobbies and some I turned into profits. Sublimation, Cricut & vinyl designs, DTF, handmade crafts, woodworking....and a little more. I've sold tumblrs, shirts, mugs and more. Due to my daughter's extensive care and my lack of availability, I had to drop some crafts for the time being. So if you're wondering why I've discontinued some of my products in my shop, that's why.

I did not abandon all hobbies though. One hobby that I am now taking up as a career is baking. I went from doing cakes for family ,to friends and now the community. So add Boomin Sweets to my list of ventures. I'll be sure to add my info for Boomin Sweets below.

Another hobby is skincare. I started off making ointments for my baby with my breastmilk. I began doing research on breastmilk that led to the rabbit hole of skincare. When I was working less during covid, I went back to school to pursue esthetics. So not only do I have a Pharmacy Technician license, but also an Esthetics license.

So as you can see, I be hustling. lol. Hence, Boom Goes the Boss. I just want to use this platform to bring awareness to all entrepreneurs and discuss their journey or hardships along the way to success. I have not reached a level I deem successful, but I will. Stay tuned. I have big plans for Boom Goes the Boss, Boomin Sweets, and I plan to take my esthetics license further than just services. So be sure to subscribe below to keep up will all my ventures.

Photos of some of my delicious creations below .

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